Hello World?!


I am a Software Developer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I’ve been with Visma Lithuania since 2015.
The time has come to face new challenges. And the challenge in front of me is trying to tame AWS Lambda and any other tools that I will stumble upon while on this journey.

What am I doing?

Basically I’ll be attempting to document my journey trying to figure out the ins and outs of AWS Lambda. If you don’t know already Lambda promises to keep things as simple as possible. No need to setup infrastructure and manage it. Amazon does it for you! You even pay only for the resources that you use so you don’t have to pay for idle environments. Applications that need to scale down to 0 are probably one of the best candidates to be started or migrated to AWS Lambda.


Why am I doing this?

Learning. Sharing. Trying something new.
I hate the idea of New Years resolutions but I get this is as close as it gets. Trying to write something that will be useful to others while trying to motivated myself and others.

Coming soon

I will attempt to start with a simple .NET Core Web Api running on Lambda in the following weeks and explore more complicated options later.

See you soon.

Image by AnnCarter on Pixabay